Is Zayn Malik gay? Quitting One Direction because he is gay?

Is Zayn Malik gay? Quitting One Direction because he is gay?

Is Zayn Malik Gay

Is Zayn Malik gay? The rumors have been around for a while. There are also rumors that he is going to quit One Direction, just because he is gay?

Perhaps not the most popular member in the group, but still… Thousands of fans, if not millions, would be very disappointed if Zayn was to quit.

Because of stupid rumors! That would just be too sad. And even if Zayn Malik was gay! So what?

About 1 in 10 (or something) is gay or bi – it would just not be that weird that one member of One Direction wasy gay. But because of his standings he just can’t come out as who he really is. That is, if Zayn Malik really is gay though…

There is no evidence, so just speculation and rumors and something that happens to beautiful boys all the time. Including Justin Bieber. Probably mostly by haters, but rumors tend to spread and sometimes becoming self-fulfilling truths.

So, again. Is Zayn Malik gay?

No. Don’t believe it. No evidence. Even one infamous video of him saying he is gay is, well… he never actually said it, did he?

Other reasons? Other rumors?

Oh, well, there is enough rumors of Zayn Malik quitting One Direction, that’s for sure. And some even got some truth to it.

Actually he was fed up with it all. Well, not One Direction and the band. But the massive pressure and the paparazzi stuff. But Zayn Malik sat down with Simon Cowell, the band and some friends and decided to stay on board for a while.

So just breathe a sigh of relief!

Zayn Malik is not quitting. At least not yet.


  • cecejones

    I love zayn malik and I would die off he left the band

  • Guest

    why because he is gay so he is going to quit because he is gay

  • Vannessita5621

    Why Because He is Going to Quits? One Direction ???

  • Jessica

    There might be a possibility that harry and louis are gay but Zayn? That would just be impossible. In the past, he planned on quitting the band because he hates it when other criticize him. This shows that he has this rebel and the bad boy side of him, and I think that’s kind of appealing to the fans.